FRz - The last word in Financial Reporting

Many firms feared that due to recent practice management upgrades, their fragile FRx or replacement work-arounds for financial reports would become an issue. For a Law Firm financial statements should be a joy not a fear. FRz works differently from other approaches.

  • No Cubes or Delays - Instant updates so you can post that last journal and not have to wait overnight.
  • Integration directly from Elite Enterprise and Aderant Expert.
  • Uses excel for formatting and presentation, no more trying to explain to an IT person how you want it to look.
  • Files can be sent as PDF or Excel directly.
  • Full support for Excel formulas.


FRz offers quality integration with Aderant Expert and Elite Enterprise, you can be comforted, your Balance Sheet will balance.
Presentation Quality Formatting & Out-of-the-box customizable report templates.
Full Windows 7, 8,10 compatibility for future operations Performance and Stability.

 FRz Fact Sheet